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A Bit About Me

Dave, resides in Langford, BC. &  is the owner and creator of Snap Dawg’s mobile doggery. He is a highly motivated individual, living mostly in a state of love and gratitude.  His journey to where he is today was not one that was easy, to say the least.  The loss of his father, his struggles with obesity, alcoholism and addiction, and being a cancer survivor has allowed him to appreciate every moment life gives him.  


"Life is a gift, it's what we choose to do with it that determines who we are.  I'm grateful for everything that has happened to me, because when it got bad enough that is when change was possible." David

Dave has a vision he is pursuing daily. It's about building & creating something new everyday. Whether it's taking care of his body, singing to his daughter Aliyah, or finding new ways to see the world, he knows that it's not a race and that his vision must stay at the forefront. The growth of Snap Dawg's in only it's first year is really a testament to one thing; discipline.

"My vision is one that keeps me focused & driven to do the very best of my ability in all waking life. Having Snap Dawg's is a way for me to be myself in all facets that the business world offers and it's really helping to find my niche in areas I already have a solid foundation in. Not only that, but it allows for me to giveback whenever I possibly can."  

Dave appreciates everyday as if it was his last. He has had ups and downs like anyone, and not everyday is easy for him.  He realized one day that everything he's experienced; various jobs in kitchens and working as a plumber, his constant pursuit to entertain, the wisdom handed down from his father, and the spark of determination that never burnt out, has shaped him into a well rounded business man, but foremost, a man with integrity and drive.  

"Traumatic circumstances and inevitable tragedies can hold a person back from living out their true potential. This was the case for me for a long time.  But from darkness comes light.  I dropped the stories of yesterday and reason’s why I “can’t”.  This allowed for me to listen to others and learn new things.  I’ve realized I’m not my thoughts and I’m not my past.  I remain teachable through humility and love for other people. I like to think I’m just a grain of sand on a beach.  Thankfully, I am here now."

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