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How fun would it be to have a New York style hot dog cart show up to keep the party alive!

Birthday Parties -  KIDS LOVE HOT DOGS!  

That is a no brainer, and Snap Dawg's is an easy choice to let all your little animals have a chance to energize with some tasty grub.  


Wedding - "mid-party" Snack


When you're dancing the night away after a successful wedding ceremony and dinner, hunger strikes again.  Usually the buffet has been sitting for several hours and is unappealing as the night's party is really just getting started.  


Bar Mitzvah Parties -  I know that it would have been amazing to have one at mine!  


12-13year old men and women can still have a tasty ALL BEEF doggy once in a while.  After a few tunes have been rocking, having a hot dog surprise show up will make everyone's face light up!

Corporate - If your office is having a function like a Christmas party or staff appreciation/customer appreciation day.  I am very adaptable for any type of atmosphere!


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